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Creating a vibrant business environment

The Mission of the Pekin Area Chamber of Commerce is to foster and promote a vibrant business environment for the benefit of our members. We recognize that the legislative and regulatory actions of government at all levels - local, county, state and national - have a significant impact on the business environment in the Pekin area. Thus, one of the goals of our strategic plan is Business Advocacy – to be the voice of the Pekin business community..

Chamber Legislative Agenda

Our Legislative Agenda has been authored to provide our members with a policy platform based on current trends and feedback. It focuses on seven specific areas that have a direct impact on the vibrancy of our local business environment:

  1. Taxes and Fees
  2. Labor/Employment
  3. Transportation
  4. Infrastructure
  5. Education and Workforce Development
  6. Good Government
  7. Economic Development

The agenda also includes background information on the issues and contact information for city, county, state and federal legislators. You can dowload the agenda here.

Legislative Maps

After the 2010 census the legislative districts (state and federal) were re-drawn. The Business Advocacy Committee created this series of legislative district maps to show the approximate boundaries (and contact information) for U.S. Representatives and Illinois Senators and Representatives in the Pekin area.

Chamber Voter's Guide

If you need information about voter registration, absentee ballots, early voting, polling locations, etc., call the Tazewell County Voter Registration department at 477-2267.

The Pekin Area Chamber of Commerce believes it is important that Chamber members exercise their right to vote.  The chamber also believes it is important that chamber members be informed voters, particularly when it comes to issues that can affect the vibrancy of the local business environment.  With that in mind, the chamber sent a questionnaire to Pekin Mayor and City Council candidates. You can see the reults here:

Legislative Scorecards

At the end of each general assembly, the Illinois Chamber of Commerce rates the Illinois legislators on their voting performance on business issues. Check out how the Pekin area legislators were rated on the Legislative Scorecard.


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